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Payant, Caroline Anne payant.caroline at uqam.ca
Wed Oct 28 08:07:11 EDT 2020

Dear community members,

The CJAL/ RCLA is currently seeking a book reviewer for Essentials for Successful English Language Teaching, 2nd edition<https://www.bloomsbury.com/essentials-for-successful-english-language-teaching-9781350093393/>, by Thomas S. C. Farrell & George Jacobs.

If you are interested in reviewing this book, contact Caroline Payant payant.caroline at uqam.ca<mailto:payant.caroline at uqam.ca> before November 3. Please provide some information regarding your background and expertise in this area.


Caroline Payant

Professeure en didactique des langues secondes
Directrice des programmes d’études de 2e cycle
Département de didactique des langues
Université du Québec à Montréal

Book review editor – CJAL/RCLA

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