ride shotgun

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The term was widespread among teenagers in Orlando (FL) and Jackson (MS) in
the mid '50s.
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> DARE is into the R's and S's now, and we've been looking at the phrases
> with "ride."  In considering the phrase "ride shotgun," meaning 'to ride
> the front passenger seat of a car,' we've found that it's widespread
> throughout the country, and that there are more than 65 web pages that
> offer "Shotgun Rules!"  But we got to wondering about the presumed source
> of that meaning, 'to ride as an armed guard on a stagecoach,' and have
> up with nothing.  The earliest quote we've found is from 1961, and is for
> the car sense, though it alludes to a historic sense.  Is the stagecoach
> meaning a figment of our imagination?  Did it come from a popular Western
> movie and get quickly transferred to a car?  Can anyone help?  Thanks!

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