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     So many new databases, so many American words and phrases...


     The RHHDAS has:

_face the music_, 1. to face danger or hardship.
1850 in DAE: There should be no skulking or dodging...every man should "face
the music."  (...)
2. to face the consequences.  Now S.E.
1862 "E. Kirke" _Among Pines_ 88: Dat sort don't run; dey face de music!

     From Accessible Archives, this is from THE NATIONAL ERA, Washington, D.
C., Vol. II, No. 80, pg. 111, 13 July 1848:

"FACE THE MUSIC."--The correspondent of the North American reports very
accurately an amusing scene which we had the pleasure of seeing the other day
in the Senate.  (Is Congress online yet?--ed.)
    "Mr. Hale, of New Hampshire, the Liberty candidate for the Presidency, is
not only a man of cleverness and parts, but withal a very good fellow, and no
little of a wag.  During the discursive debate in the Senate yesterday, upon
an interrogatory being propounded to Mr. Foote--as to the conduct of General
Cass--Mr. Hale, with much affected gravity, raised a point of order, alleging
that it seemed to him entirely inconsistent, when a Presidential candidate
had resigned his seat to avoid expressing his opinions, that his friends
should be catechized as to those opinions.
     "Mr. FOOTE.--As the Senator from New Hampshire is an aspirant himself,
what does he think a candidate ought to do?
     "Mr. HALE.--(while promptitude and humor.) 'Why, stand up and _face the


     "Pork barrel" is the word-of-the-year for 1909 in AMERICA IN SO MANY
WORDS.  The first citation on the Periodicals Contents Index is also 1909.
     However, this was in the Historical Newspapers Online index for THE NEW

United States Congress--Fifty-fourth, First Session: Appropriations: Speaker
Reed's Policy of Economy Must Be Waived in Interest of Presidential Candidacy
and the "Pork Barrel" (Editorial)
01 February 1896 (Page 4 col 4)


     "Yellow journalism" is the word-of-the-year for 1898 in AMERICA IN SO
    These came up on the index for THE NEW YORK TIMES:

Newspaper--Generally: "Freaks": Gard, A. L.: "Signs of Promise in Crusade
Against Yellow Journalism"
16 June 1897 (Page 3 col 2)
Newspapers--New York Sun: Yellow Journalism Charge at Citiizens' Union Mass
02 October 1897 (Page 2 col 7)
New York CIty--City Record: Pictures Introduced: Yellow Journalism Tendency
31 December 1897 (Page 6 col 4)


     "Country club" is the word-of-the-year in AMERICA IN SO MANY WORDS for
1891.  The BDE has it from 1894.

(Accessible Archives) THE PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE, 30 August 1775:  "...had on,
and took with him, a country club light coloured upper jacket..."
(Accessible Archives) THE LADY'S BOOK, March 1835, pg. 126:  "...so
refreshing to the weary spirits of a country club..."
(Historical Newspapers Online) THE NEW YORK TIMES, 12 October 1884, pg. 7,
col. 2, "Athletic Sports--Country Club of Westchester County: Racing Meeting
(Periodicals Contents Index)  "Raisin Making: A Chautauqua Town and Country
Club Report," CHAUTAUQUAN, October 1885, pg. 338.
(Periodicals Contents Index)  "Country Club Life," CHAUTAUQUAN, Oct. 1888,
pg. 601.
(Periodicals Contents Index)  "Evolution of the Country Club," HARPER'S NEW
MONTHLY MAGAZINE, December 1894, pg. 16.

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