Slay trader; Casino mentality; Tulips

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Mon Aug 2 01:39:50 UTC 1999

      The NEW YORK POST, 31 July 1999, pp. 4-5:  "'SLAY TRADER' AIMED TO
SETTLE ACCOUNTS."  Eek--sounds like a slasher pic at the multiplex.
      The NEW YORK TIMES, 1 August 1999, Section 1, pg. 16, cols. 1-2:

"Casino Mentality" Linked
To Day Trading's Stresses

     The earliest "casino mentality" on Usenet was 2-22-98.  The following
was on CNNfn, 13 June 1996, and is on their web site:

     It's what market watchers call a "casino mentality"--the attitude that
the stock market is a giant crap table where fast money is easy picking.  The
same mentality is even riskier when investors become dissatisfied with even
100 or 200 percent returns on investment.

     A future RHHDAS should have something about "tulips"--stocks that have
been bid up by speculators convinced they can trade the shares to someone
else an hour later for a fat profit.
     The Day Trading lingo keeps on coming...

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