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Mon Aug 2 20:31:48 UTC 1999

I can remember seeing "ice tea" on signs when the big espresso (when
"expresso" began to be seen around town) craze was booming, at least 12
years ago in Seattle. I'd always assumed it was due to carelessness or
ignorance rather than dialectical in nature.

As far as pronunciation goes, I can create a difference if I want to, but
the pronunciation that comes out for "iced tea" is not what I'd normally
use. Instead, the pronunciation for "ice tea" (when trying to say them
differently) is what I normally use.

Benjamin Barrett
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Nexis shows 24,500 articles for iced tea
Nexis shows   4,200 articles for ice tea.

Has anyone a feeling for possible geographical or social distribution
for these two terms?

David K. Barnhart
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