Email conventions seeping into handwriting

Johanna N Franklin johannaf+ at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Tue Aug 3 17:20:05 UTC 1999

    The ones that I know are mainly engineering and science
undergraduates who tend to use e-mail and chat sessions to communicate
much more than handwritten communication.  It becomes second nature to
start writing computer abbreviations and drawing emoticons by hand.
That's much more common than speaking e-mail conventions.  I don't know
very many people who do that.

    Johanna, who is guilty of both on occasion

Excerpts from mail: 3-Aug-99 Re: Email conventions seepi.. by "A.
> Why is it that I live and work amongst a high concentration of
computer nerds,
> particularly of the email variety, and I have never:
> seen anyone write an email convention by hand, or
> heard anyone speak an email convention?
> Who are the folks who are doing this?

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