Go(ld) Fish!

J. M. De Grandis, III jay at DEGRANDIS.COM
Tue Aug 3 19:06:06 UTC 1999

I grew up in central Georgia, where we most definitely said, "Go Fish!"
Freinds from North Carolina also use "Go Fish!" as does my fiance (south
east MO).

Greg Pulliam wrote:

>  The issue:  is the card game
> "Go Fish!" as believed fervently by the former, or "Goldfish!" as
> embraced just as strongly by the latter?
> I have told them that it is likely that they are both right, but that
> I would submit the question to this list for confirmation or denial.
> It looks like _Goldfish_ is an eastern phenomenon, while _Go Fish_ is
> the midwestern version, but is this really the case?

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