Clue Stick, Clue Train

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Wed Aug 4 18:23:05 UTC 1999

The earliest Deja News results I could find was this full-fledged utilization of clue anything. It uses "clue by four," my favorite.

>From the forum at[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=118318148&CONTEXT=933790608.875298834&hitnum=0

"Nia was talking about jms's writing style this evening, I tried to get her to make a post on it, but she didn't want to, and it's relevant to this post, so...  I'll see if I can give it justice.
"First jms jumps out in front of you says "The clue train leaves in an hour", and hands you a clue card.  On the front it says J. Michael Straczynski, you turn it over and it says in small letters 'a clue'. jms runs off into the shadows again.
"Presently you find yourself at the clue train station, jms runs out again, presses a clue train token into your hand, and bodily throws you on the clue train.

"After riding the train for awhile, jms comes down the isle dressed as a conductor, he takes your clue token, and then whips out his clue by four and bashes you senseless with it.  He then says "Next stop, the clue hospital".

"You wake up, and find yourself on a operating table.  Then you notice you're Sheridan.  jms appears in surgical scrubs, cuts you open, and inserts the clue forcefully into your body.

"(but, being Sheridan.... you still don't get it)."
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