Jay walking; poetry in ASL?

Bob Fitzke fitzke at VOYAGER.NET
Wed Aug 4 23:53:50 UTC 1999


>  I wondered at the time whether anyone wrote poetry in ASL, with the dancing
> movement of the hands serving the function of meter and rhyme in oral
> poetry.  Our president's oration sure looked a lot better than it sounded.
> Nyone familiar
> with such poetry?

Don't know if anyone writes poetry in ASL. But my oldest son (while he was
between 35 and 40) learned ASL in a two-year, associate degree, program at
Lansing, MI Community College. He does interpretation of all kinds including
classroom interpreting for student-clients. At one time he interpreted for a
singing group that performed for hearing impaired and deaf audiences. They
called themselves "The Sounds of Silence".

It is a whole different world.


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