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Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Wed Aug 4 22:51:41 UTC 1999

I passed Erin's comment on to several co-workers, and attach their remarks by

-- Mark

   Mark A. Mandel : Senior Linguist and Manager of Acoustic Data
  Mark_Mandel at : Dragon Systems, Inc. : 617 796-0267
 320 Nevada St., Newton, MA 02460, USA :
                     (speaking for myself)


Rachel Silverman
08/04/99 06:39 PM

Well, I've put smileys in, though I usually turn them right way 'round.  And
when I was a professional proofreader, I'd occasionally use a curly underline
(in proofreading for publishing, this indicates the text should be boldface).

But the worst is the Pilot-influenced handwriting things... doing "v"s backwards
or not putting a crossbar in an "A", for instance.


Jonathan Gilbert
08/04/99 06:34 PM

I must admit I have written ":-)" (yes, sideways like that) in handwritten notes
to people ... and probably used abbreviations such as BTW, FWIW, etc.  Oh the

But I do still tend to underline for emphasis, rather than drawing asterisks ...

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