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SPELLING BEE (continued)

   Boy, am I in trouble.  I made a long posting on the "spelling bee" last year based on a survey of American newspapers of 1875; there was not much comment here, and it was reprinted in a recent COMMENTS ON ETYMOLOGY.
   Today I got this from Charlotte Schuchardt (Mrs. Allen Walker) Read:

   It does not seem that you or Dr. Popik were aware that Allen wrote an article on the spelling bee in 1941 entitled "The Spelling Bee: A Linguistic Institution" published in PMLA 56:494-512.

   Actually, it was Allen Walker Read's work on American spelling that was published in AMERICAN SPEECH (O.K. & Can Andrew Jackson Spell?) that interested me in the "spelling bee."
   I had gone through the revised Mencken, the DA, the DAE, the OED, and others (all published after 1941)--these didn't cite the PMLA article.  His PMLA work and my COE work overlap only on PMLA pages 506-507, when he briefly discusses the 1875 spelling craze.
   I'll have to do an addendum anyway because I recently discovered an 1874 citation for "spelling bee."


   On Tuesday at work, someone got ill.  EMS was called.  Someone cursed another judge.  The NYPD was called.  "I can't believe it's only Tuesday," another judge said.  "It feels like a Friday.  It SHOULD be a Friday."
    I've never seen "feels/seems like a Monday/Friday" recorded.  I checked "feels/seems like a" on several databases, and nothing much turned up.
    This is from GO FIGHT CITY HALL (1949, but also copyrighted 1946) by Ethel Rosenberg:

pg. 208:  "To me today _feels_ like Wednesday."

pg. 214:  "Oooh, I'm dying."  Mrs. Rivkin's hand goes flying to (pg. 215) her bosom.  "Tony," she says, "you wouldn't believe me.  All day today, the whole day, I'm telling you, I keep thinking today is Wednesday.  Ask me.  I know it's Tuesday.  Still and all, I can't help it.  It _feels_ like Wednesday."
     "I don't know," Tony says.  "It don't feel like Wednesday to me.  To me it feels more like Monday."
     Now isn't that ridiculous?
     "How can Tuesday feel like Monday?" Mrs. Rivkin wonders.
     "The same way it can feel like Wednesday," Tony counters.

pg. 218:  "Tonight is such beautiful programs."
     "Like what?" Hannah wants to know.
     "Duffy's Tavern.  Groucho Marx.  Bing Crosby."
     "I give up," Hannah says.  "Ma!  That's tomorrow night.  Today is still Tuesday!"
     Mrs. Rivkin throws up her hands. (...)
     "The whole day," she murmurs.  "The whole day, do me something, it felt like Wednesday."

pg. 251:  He'll say this much for Hannah: Mrs. Rivkin always embarrasses her.  "Ma, _please_!"  He'd like a dollar for every time Hannah has said that in his presence.  But go fight City Hall!

pg. 33:  "Drop dead."
pp. 85, 118: nasher.
pg. 151: nash.  (RHHDAS has 1947 and 1951 for "nosh.")
pg. 43: meesa-meshinah.
pg. 105: m'shpucha.
pg. 149: shlepp.
pg. 153: epus.

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