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At 09:30 05/08/1999 EDT, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>CARPETBAGGERS (continued)
>     There are two undated "carpetbaggers" that came up on a computer search.
>     One is this serial with a very long title:
>Rutter's political quarterly devoted to unearthing the sanctimonious
>political rats of the South, exposing radical scallawags & carpetbaggers,

FWIW, I used live in Canada & elsewhere, until returning to the UK in '98.
Over here in Olde England, the term "carpetbagger" is used differently - it
refers to people who open accounts in mutually-owned "Building Societies"
(roughly equivalent to S & Ls in the US) in hope (or expectation) of
payouts when the Building Society demutualises and becomes a limited
liability company, bank or otherwise is listed on an Exchange. Boards
usually offer financial inducements to depositors - the "owners" in a
mutual - to get them to agree to the institution to go public, with the
proxy fights being usually vituperative and hotly fought.

Strange how these Brits use the English language, eh? ;-).
Just my $0.02
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