email conventions

Johanna N Franklin johannaf+ at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Fri Aug 6 13:01:51 UTC 1999

You can find webpages full of them on the Net.  Most of those are pretty
special-interest, though... like a Star Trek Klingon emoticon.  The only
main ones that I can think of that you left out are

and :{

Both indicate a very sheepish in

Person 1: If you'd read my e-mail, you'd have known that...
Person 2: Sorry....  :}

Person 1: You know I don't want to think about that anymore!  Stop
bringing it up!
Person 2:  :{  I forgot...

    Johanna, who wants to point out that ':P' can also be written as ':b'

Excerpts from mail: 6-Aug-99 Re: email conventions by David Muschell at MAIL.GCSU
> Rather than mortification and self-reproach concerning the use of
> emoticons, I'm interested in what kinds there are out there and how they're
> used (the ":P" tongue-sticking out was new to me).  We've all probably seen
> the wink "; )" and the smile and frown.  What are some others?  Is there
> surprise:  :-o  or uncertainty  vOv (a shrug sign)  or  outrage :-Z???

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