James E. Clapp jeclapp at WANS.NET
Fri Aug 6 21:40:05 UTC 1999

I like *all* the theories about the origins of "Dixie," and as usual I am
thrilled by the erudition on this list.  What great history!  What great

Well, actually, I guess there's one Dixie theory I don't particularly care
for--the Mason-Dixon line one.  Compared to all the others, it's boring.
Besides, as someone was quick to point out in response to a posting from me on a
previous thread, Maryland--which is where you land if you cross that line from
the north--is not exactly Dixieland.  (Although as someone correctly responded
at the time, there was definitely a lot of southern culture in southern
Maryland, along the border with DC and Virginia, in the 1950's.)

James E. Clapp

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