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Jeutonne P. Brewer jpbrewer at UNCG.EDU
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~On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Grant Barrett wrote:

> On jeudi 5 août 1999, Jeutonne P. Brewer <jpbrewer at UNCG.EDU> wrote:
> >The Palm/Pilot uses a stylized alphabet that requires the minimum number
> >of strokes. The idea is to make the letters without lifting the stylus
> >from the screen. (Only the letter "x" requires two strokes and the
> >lifting of the stylus from the screen.) The "A" without the crossbar is
> >all that is needed to distinguish the letter from other letters.
> >It's an interesting and, in my opinion, easy system to learn.
> I'm not sure about the X requiring two strokes. Many of the letters have alternate strokes (you can enter the data different ways), and there are add-on programs that can let you completely alter the alphabet to suit your handwriting, but the default X, to the best of my knowledge is one stroke, starting in the upper left, running down to the lower right, curving up to the right, and following through from the upper right to the lower left so as to cross and form a loop with the first downward stroke
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> Grant Barrett
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Well, I have to disagree about the method for making the "x' symbol.
Both the Palm's help system and David Pogue's _Palm Pilot: The Ultimate
Guide_ list as the default the typical way of making a printed "x" for
the the Palm's Graffiti system. Pogue lists a sideways gamma, evidently
what you suggest, as a way to make the "x" character. I've never
made it that way because I have found the default way of making the
"x"--two stokes, typical printed way--easy to remember, predictable,
and always acceptable to the Palm.

Jeutonne Brewer

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