Dix notes & Dixie (a false etymology)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Aug 9 01:31:43 UTC 1999

     A followup:
    The "dix notes" theory was first mentioned about 1906.  All throughout
1859-1900, when people brought up ANY explanation for "dixie" they could
POSSIBLY think of, the "dix notes" theory was NEVER mentioned!
    I have one or two articles about "dix notes" in my papers.  The notes
themselves were never very popular, even within Louisiana.
    Plus, Dan Emmett wrote "Dixie Land" in New York City.  The song "Dixie
Land" reached New Orleans in 1860 (a version of it was published
there)--again, "dix notes" was never mentioned.
    It's not just that "dix notes" had ZERO hits on my 19th century
databases--there are a whole range of factors to exclude this etymology from
any serious consideration of "dixie."

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