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This came from the American Council of Learned Societies, to which ADS
belongs. If you should be interested, please communicate directly with
Maureen Grolnick - not to the whole ADS-L.  - Allan Metcalf

Teacher Education:
Many of you have expressed an interest in (concern about) the content
preparation of K-12 teachers. I would like to pursue that interest by
seeking funding for a year-long "roundtable" on Teacher Education and the
Humanities. The general idea: a series of three or four sessions over the
course of a year; participation from the societies (including at least one
or two scholars who have worked with schools of education), teacher
education and the K-12 schools (total group size not to exceed 15); paper(s)
and a proposal for an implementation project as an outcome.

Please contact me immediately -- or sooner! -- if you are interested in
hearing more. Our best bet for funding has an October 15 proposal deadline.
I'll do the writing, but I will need to convene those interested --
in-person and/or electronically - between now and September 15 to develop
the substance.


Maureen Grolnick
Education Program Officer
American Council of Learned Societies
228 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017-3398
212-697-1505 ext. 125
Fax. 212-949-8058
e-mail: maureen at acls.org
ACLS Website: http://www.acls.org

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