"Dixie" panned; "Urban" Starbucks

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Wed Aug 11 17:08:27 UTC 1999


     The cartoon "This Modern World" by Tom Tomorrow (17 August 1999 VILLAGE VOICE and other papers:

These days, it seems like a lot of people are trying to talk about race without mentioning _race_...
..which has led to an upswing in the use of certain _euphemisms_, such as "inner city"--or the ever-popular "at risk youth"...
..not to mention "urban"...for instance, when a Starbucks recently opened in _Harlem_, the company proudly announced that it was their first "urban" store...
PENGUIN:  ...And so all those other Starbucks in major cities across the country...?
MAN:  Well, they're in cities--but they are not "urban"--if you know what I mean!  They're "middle class"--if you get my drift!  Their customers are not "at risk"--if you see what I--
PENGUIN:  Stop it.  You're making my head hurt.


    Today's NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has a story by the Associated Press it titled "Rehnquist 'Dixie' panned" on page 34:

     WASHINGTON--The nation's largest organization of black lawyers wants Chief Justice William Rehnquist to quit singing "Dixie," a song it calls a "symbol of slavery and oppression."
     The 18,000-member National Bar Association passed a resolution at its recent convention in Philadelphia urging Rehnquist to "refrain from such offensive behavior in the future."  A Supreme Court spokesman said yesterday that Rehnquist had no comment on the resolution.
    Rehnquist, the nation's top federal judge, led judges and lawyers in a rendition of "Dixie" during a conference in Hot Springs, Va., in late June.  He attends the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals conference each year, and each year leads a sing-along.
     The annual event has for several years included "Dixie," associated with the Southern cause during the Civil War, as well as the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," which is associated with the North.

    So, the big question here is, next year, WHAT IS CHIEF JUSTICE REHNQUIST GONNA SING??
   Maybe something from the Supremes?  Baby love, my baby love...

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