hot dog video

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Thu Aug 12 20:18:55 UTC 1999

I think someone was hoping to record the PBS special on the hot dog.  Well, I
received a video catalogue of PBS programs, and the cover feature is..."A Hot
Dog Program:  An All-American celebration of some fabulous and phenomenally
popular little sausages in their soft little buns."  (The description sounds
vaguely obscene.)

The video is approximately 60 minutes, and retails for $19.98 (why not $19.99?)
from PBS Home Video, catalogue item #A3648, call 1-800-645-4727 to order.  Looks
like shipping and handling (or "another way to get more money out of you") is
$4.75, plus sales tax in CA, NY, and VA.

Andrea Vine
Sun-Netscape Alliance messaging i18n architect
avine at
I always wanted to be an architect. }sigh{  Of course, I _am_ an architect.

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