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According to _100 Years of American Newspaper Comics_, edited by Maurice
Horn, Gramercy Books, 1996:  the comic strip Blondie "made its first
appearance on September 15, 1930."  "It was originally conceived as a
'girlie strip,' with Blondie Boopadoop portrayed as an irrepressible
gold digger in pursuit of an irresponsible playboy named Dagwood
Bumstead."  Apparently, Dagwood was in competition with other suitors,
and didn't have a major role.  Dagwood was brought back into the strip,
and was married to Blondie on February 17, 1933, and soon disinherited
by his father.  The arrival of Baby Dumpling, a son, turns the comic
strip into a family strip, in 1934.

Dagwood sandwich mentioned, but first use is not dated.

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