Teacher education proposal

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Do the presenters have to be able to teach or merely give a lecture that is
pertinent, well organized, and interesting.  I have years of experience at
jr-hi & hi-school and in university, seminary, and graduate level courses
and can assure you that there is a world of difference.  At the
post-secondary level, any non-remedial course has either prerequisites or
expectations; at the secondary level prerequisites may not be valid and
expectations may be misplaced:  I knew an experienced and quite
knowledgeable 8th grade public school English teacher returning to teaching
after a 20-yr absence who told me that she would start the term by having
her students write themes.  My snicker annoyed her greatly.  The next week,
she indicated that her students would be practicing on writing well
organized paragraphs.  The 3rd week, she was planning on sentence
construction.  The 4th week, she was stressing how to write and recognize a
sentence that was a complete thought.
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> I suspect these people know tons about their subjects but maybe not so
> about teaching. I just attended a conference re: this subject. Thought it
> was an interesting point.
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> >This came from the American Council of Learned Societies, to which ADS
> >belongs. If you should be interested, please communicate directly with
> >Maureen Grolnick - not to the whole ADS-L.  - Allan Metcalf
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> >Teacher Education:
> >Many of you have expressed an interest in (concern about) the content
> >preparation of K-12 teachers. I would like to pursue that interest by
> >seeking funding for a year-long "roundtable" on Teacher Education and the

> >Humanities. The general idea: a series of three or four sessions over the
> >course of a year; participation from the societies (including at least
> >or two scholars who have worked with schools of education), teacher
> >education and the K-12 schools (total group size not to exceed 15);
> >paper(s)
> >and a proposal for an implementation project as an outcome.
> >
> >Please contact me immediately -- or sooner! -- if you are interested in
> >hearing more. Our best bet for funding has an October 15 proposal
> >I'll do the writing, but I will need to convene those interested --
> >in-person and/or electronically - between now and September 15 to develop
> >the substance.
> >
> >Maureen
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