20th Century Words; F-Word

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     This is from the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 13 August 1999, pg. 5, cols. 3-4:

_As the language turns,_
_pop culture reigns big_
("With News Wire Services" appears at the end--ed.)
     Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll make the world go round--and they changed
the English language, too.
     New ways to describe the Big Three of popular culture dominate a list of
the most important words to enter the language in the last 100 years, a new
book says.
     No one talked about "having sex" until the 1920s.  Before that, the act
was known only as "making love," said John Ayto, a lexicographer and editor
of "20th Century Words."

     Amazing how companies (Oxford University Press in this case) can make
the wire services with free ads.
     On Amazon.com it's stated that the book will be published in October
1999, will be 480 pages, lists for $25, will sell on Amazon for $17.50, and
has the Amazon.com sales rank (SALES RANK?  IT'S NOT OUT YET!!) of 1,231,863.

F-WORD (continued)

    In a monologue on Friday night's TONIGHT SHOW, Jay Leno made fun of
George W. ("Dubyah") Bush's use of "the f-word."
   "The f-word?" band leader Kevin Eubanks asked.

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