Number one; Clamdiggers; Boy meets girl

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Sun Aug 15 04:50:02 UTC 1999


    Dodger baseball great Pee Wee Reese died.  His famous catch phrase was,
"Number one on your scorecard, and number one in the hearts of America."


     At a recent fashion show, several designers (Perry Ellis, Daniel Chu)
showed off capri pants/clamdiggers for GUYS.  Some other names for this
budding fashion monstrosity are "new crop" and "pre-pants."  I haven't yet
checked the Dow Jones database for it.  (NYU is closed on weekends.)  How
many names does this have?  Are the pants called different names for the
different sexes?

BOY MEETS GIRL (continued)

     The lesbian sex film BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE was reviewed in the NEW YORK
TIMES, 13 August 1999, pg. E26, col. 3: has the effervescence of an engaging musical comedy in which girl
meets girl, girl loses girl and girl gets girl back, multiplied by three.

     This is the headline (the story is about subway vigilante Bernhard
Goetz's missing pet) in the NEW YORK POST, 15 August 1999, pg. 16, cols. 1-4:

_A tragic boy-meets-squirrel, boy-loses-squirrel tale_


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