"Suicide by Cop"

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Mr. Barnhart, Does your Dictionary Companion by any chance have a reference
to "soft opening."  The context is found in an article in the Money Section
(C, p. 1) of the NOLA Times-Picayune, "Contractors said the restaurant could
hold a soft opening in November and an official opening in December."  I
have never seen or heard this expression before--the meaning of course is
quite clear.
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> suicide-by-cop
> See The Barnhart Dictionary Companion (Vol. 11.2).
> One of the interesting features there is the variant _police-assisted
> suicide_.
> Nexis reveals for suicide by cop and suicide-by-cop supplied a large
> number of examples--overwhelmingly American dating from 1989.
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> David K. Barnhart, Editor
> The Barnhart Dictionary Companion [quarterly]

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