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Subject: "Uniboob"

>    Nike has had members of the U. S. women's soccer team promote the
>company's sports bras, which supposedly avoid "uniboob."
>    The Nike site is at www.nike.com.  (There is an entry for "the F-Word,"
>but it means "Footwear.")
>    "Uniboob" goes back to at least 1996 on a deja.com search.  My guess is
>that the term was probably started by a women's magazine--Nexis will
>come close, but not give us the direct hit.

Monobreast might predate it. Though the oldest Deja hit is November '96, it
was used at Mainframe Entertainment who produced the computer animated
cartoon 'Reboot' from '94-'97. The first two years, the series aired on ABC
on Saturday mornings, and Standards and Practices forbade a female character
from having the usual arrangement. Internally, they referred to the
resulting arrangement as a 'monobreast'. The third season aired only in the
morally decadent foreign market (and recently on the Cartoon Network here in
the States), so the company rejoiced in their newfound freedom to grace all
the humanoid female characters with a <ahem> more accurate image.

Monobreast gets a September '97 hit in a video game newsgroup, undoubtedly
from audience overlap, and is first spotted in regards to clothing in March
of '98 on Deja.

Monoboob goes back to February of '96, but is used exclusively in apparel


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