Brickmush ?

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Fri Aug 20 16:28:56 UTC 1999

By analogy, perhaps the brickmush man applies "mortar mush" between bricks?
 Since I need to have repair work done on my fireplace, I'll ask about it.

At 06:11 PM 8/19/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Looks as though Barry's concern with context, and one of his
>accompanying statements, might be closer to the mark.  Several years
>ago, a neighbor of mine mentioned that some re-plastering work had to be
>done in his house.  [His home had a layer of plaster on top of drywall
>sheets.]  He spoke (several times) of having been lucky to find a
>mushman to do the plaster work.  According to my neighbor, mushmen were
>folk who could apply plaster to wall lathe, or apply a layer of plaster
>on top of wallboard or drywall.  The mushman did not work with drywall,
>as in installing it, but he would apply plaster over top of drywall, or
>patch a hole in drywall.  [My presumption was that the plaster mixture
>was the mush.]  In any event, in this era, mushmen were difficult to
>Generally, it can be presumed that standard wall-plaster is better than
>corn meal, for patching walls.
>Hope that this info is closer to the mark, even though it doesn't fully
>provide the answer for brickmush man.
>George S. Cole   gscole at
>Shippensburg University

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