"Missouri" spellings on MOA

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Sun Aug 22 02:56:40 UTC 1999

     "Missouri" has 26,650 matches in 2,719 works in the Making of America
     "Missoury" has 11 matches in 8 works (one work is counted twice):

Southern Literary Messenger, June 1863
Overland Monthly, September 1875
Overland Monthly, December 1884
Overland Monthly, June 1885
Overland Monthly, June 1887
Overland Monthly, April 1889
Overland Monthly, December 1896

     "Missoura" has only one match--Overland Monthly, February 1869.
     "Mizzoorah" has two matches.  One is Eugene Field, SECOND BOOK OF VERSE
(1908).  The other (which is also the only match for "Mizzouri") is
APPLETONS' JOURNAL, October 1881, pg. 320, col. 2, "English and American
English" by Richard A. Proctor:

     "...Mizzouri (in the South and West, Missouri is called Mizzoorah)..."

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