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Squatting is comparable to a legal concept called "adverse possession". The
elements are "open, notorious, and adverse" possession of property for a
period of years, 15 is probably about the number in most state laws. After
that period the adverse possessor gains ownership. A comparable concept
exists for adverse usage which results in gaining the permanbent right to
continued use. Footpaths and driveways are often the subject of adverse


G S C wrote:

> Depending on the laws of a given state, squatting could be something as
> 'simple' as walking/driving across someone's property, on a regular
> basis, and establishing the legal right, after several years, to
> continue to cross that property.  In the 1950s, I heard references to
> squatter's rights, when used with private property.  Later, I was told
> that the legal nicety dealt with 'notorious use'.  Again, the basic
> differences are in the laws of the various states.
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