Misunderstood lyrics

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Tue Aug 24 02:08:22 UTC 1999

> From: Kim & Rima McKinzey <rkm at SLIP.NET>
> Ok, I've never had a chance to ask anybody about this, and I hope
> out there remember it, because not only can't I remember the title of the
> '70s (?) song (it was a name, like Amanda or Aubry I think), but I can't
> remember the group who sang it.
> However, the chorus had a refrain that I always heard as either:
> Blinded by the light
> Revved up like a Deuxchevaux
> (Something, something) night
> or
> Blinded by the light
> Wrapped up like a goose
> Another runner in the night

You're probably thinking of Manfred Mann's Earth Band's cover of Bruce
Springsteen's "Blinded by the Light," which includes the haunting but
easily misheard lines:

Blinded by the light
        revved up like a deuce
        Another runner in the night

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