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Kathleen Miller millerk at NYTIMES.COM
Tue Aug 24 13:24:22 UTC 1999

Months ago the Queen gave a speech in which she said, ..."the young are
sometimes wiser than us." The original critisism came from the London
Bureau of The Washington Post in an article by T.R. Reid on May 21, 1999.
William Safire followed up with his comments on May 30. Hope this is the
one you were thinking of. And just FYI, I have a whole folder full of
comments on this from both sides of the argument (and when I asked Robert
Burchfield what his take on it was he said, "The Queen was right. She
always is." After all it is HER languauge, isn't it? :)

At 01:52 PM 8/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>A few weeks ago Queen Elizabeth II was criticized for a usage error made
>during a speech. Can someone remember what that was all about or direct me
>to some of the news stories about it? Thanks.
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