"Blinded by the Light" (was Re: Misunderstood lyrics)

davemarc davemarc at PANIX.COM
Tue Aug 24 13:59:56 UTC 1999

Maybe only the Boss knows what it all means.  Below, you can see how Cecil
Adams tackled the question at




Dear Cecil:

The song "Blinded by the Light"--I have no idea who wrote it or sang it,
but it's your job to know these things. I was wondering what the male
vocalist says after the title phrase of the song.

Is it "revved up like a deuce" or "ripped off like a douche" or some other
phrase? --IMSMRTRTNU, via AOL

Dear IM:


"Blinded by the Light" was written by a New Jersey musician named Bruce
Springsteen. Maybe you've heard of him. It was on his Greetings From Asbury
Park, N.J. album.

Bruce's lyrics were no paragon of clarity. But at least you could
understand the words:

"And she was blinded by the light / Cut loose like a deuce another runner
in the night / Blinded by the light / She got down but she never got
tight," etc.

Manfred Mann's Earth Band ("Quinn the Eskimo") did a cover version of the
tune in 1976. It became a hit, no doubt because the band made the lyrics
even more opaque than they already were. They changed the line in question
to "wrapped up like a deuce."

What's it mean? I'm barely on speaking terms with my own subconscious.
Don't ask me to explain someone else's.

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