Second prize: TWO WEEKS in Swaziland

Tom Kysilko pds at VISI.COM
Thu Aug 26 00:45:32 UTC 1999

At 11:04 PM 8/24/1999 EDT, Barry wrote:
>     SECOND PRIZE, TWO MONTHS IN LENINGRAD (1984) was a play by Trish
>Johnson.  Did the joke originate in Russia?  Was comedian Jackov Smirnov the
>first to tell it?

If Barry is asking specifically about Leningrad, I don't know.  If he is
asking about the generic one-week/two-weeks joke, it goes (at least) as far
back as W C Fields who used it against Philadelphia.  (Often, I suspect;
although my only source is a tape of an old Fred Allen radio show. no date.)

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