Charles Harrington Elster (continued)

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If the New York Times has standards, they are lower than those of the
National Enquirer, which refused to print the name of the woman who filed
rape charges against the Kennedy cousin; the NYT and major TV networks were
not troubled by any such scruples.
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>    Charles Harrington Elster substituted for William Safire in the "On
> Language" column in today's New York Times.  He calls himself a "word
> detective."
>     Many months ago, I posted here (Gareth Branwyn had just been in
> with Elster) an offer that Elster can join the American Dialect Society
> the American Name Society for free.  I'd pay his dues.  No questions
> Free.
>    There was no response.
>    I sent a certified letter to the New York Times.
>    There was still no response.
>    The New York Times must have no standards at all.

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