Crush video; Dry Sex

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Wed Dec 1 02:39:05 UTC 1999

    This week's Village Voice (7 December 1999) just arrived.
    The article on page 55 is: "PULP LEGISLATION: Congress brings the crush video industry to heel."  They did this with HR 1887.
    "Crush videos" are also called "animal snuff films."
Scantily dressed women in stiletto heels crush small things like crickets and beetles and mice.  The first citation on Dow Jones appears to be the GUARDIAN, 8-1-1998.  The U.S. citations become a flood starting July 1999.
    The article on page 67 is "Death and the Second Sex," another part in the "AIDS: The Agony of Africa" series.  "Dry sex" is the opposite of "wet sex."  Some horrible stuff (not to be described here) is done to women to remove vaginal wetness.  Dow Jones has this in NEWSDAY, 12-27-1988.
    I must confess that I'm only an etymologist, and I present these terms for scientific purposes only.  I did once watch BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA, a really short-short movie, and Bambi did get crushed, and I do remember _laughing_ at the time, but still...

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