unhelpful replies to lazy questions

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Wed Dec 1 04:49:42 UTC 1999

In a message dated 11/6/1999 2:04:24 PM, gcohen at UMR.EDU writes:

<<    I could not help noticing the following ADS-L  exchange.

>Someone writes:
><<I am trying to do research on linguistic barriers to social and economic
>advancement .  Do you know of any resources available? If so, what would I
>need to do to gain access to them?  Thanks very much for any help I can
>obtain from you.  Sincerely, Laura Chamberlain.  1Osne1 at scan.missouri.org.>>
>My answer: yes, I do know a resource. It is called "the library."

-------Surely we at ADS-L  can  provide a more helpful reply.
Specifically,  what books or articles provide an  overall treatment of
linguistic barriers to social and econominc advancement?

---Gerald Cohen >>

My point was this: why should we do for someone what they could do themselves
in 15 minutes in a small-town library. I'm delighted when novices ask
questions that they couldn't answer on their own. I am apalled when novices
ask questions that they are too lazy to answer for themselves.

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