City Names, Crush Videos

Mike Calvert mcalvert at ENTERPE.COM
Wed Dec 1 00:04:56 UTC 1999

The town I work in, Bloomsburg, Pa., is often referred to as "Bloom" by
the natives (and by us in headlines). The nearby town of Northumberland
is "Norry," as distinct from Northumberland County, where it is located,
which we are told to spell out in heds.

There was a story on the AP wire a couple of months ago about "Crush"
videos. Yuck.  Of course, nowadays I suppose we must think of women in
stiletto heels mashing rodents as an alternative lifestyle. At any rate,
I suppose their behavior is no more barbaric than the legions of hunters
currently scouring the local woods, shooting deer, and, occasionally,
each other.

Michael Calvert
Press Enterprise
Bloom(sburg), Pa.

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