inclusionary religious term

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Wed Dec 1 23:37:47 UTC 1999

Arnold Zwicky wrote:

<<during the past century in the u.s., jews have become
"white" - and have gotten a kind of honorary christianity
as well, in references to "judeo-christian" values and
traditions - but arabs have not (at least not in folk
usage; the practices of official agencies like the census
bureau and the eoc are another matter).>>

I have a friend in the Duke Religion Department who teaches courses on
Buddhism; he speaks (somewhat disdainfully?) of the
(hegemonic-in-his-Religion-Department) "Abrahamic tradition"--a cover term
for Moslems, Jews, and Christians (I'm not sure what place "Arabs" play in a
religious discussion, since being an "Arab" is not a necessary nor sufficient
condition for being a Moslem.

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