Screwdriver (Vodka & OJ) & Salty Dog

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     It appears, from the OED's first citation in 1956 and this antedate, that "screwdriver" comes from California (and not the screwdrivers of American oil workers in Iran).
     For you "Phillips or Flat?" people, a Phillips screwdriver is when your head needs Phillip's Milk of Magnesia.  But you knew that.
     From Trader Vic's KITCHEN KIBITZER (1952):

Pg. 48:  Something refreshing and good for a small group can be mixed in large water pitchers.  Half grapefruit juice and vodka has been dubbed "Salty Dog."  You can use canned grapefruit juice and freshen the flavor with some fresh grapefruit juice.  A recent California concoction has been given the appellation "Screwdriver"--orange juice and vodka.  Both should be handled cautiously because the citrus-fruit flavor can cover the taste of the vodka and before you know it you're carrying a large-sized load.

Pg. 178:  Out here in California vodka seems to be gaining popularity.  Mixed with fresh or properly cut frozen citrus juices, you have a very palatable drink, but be wary of them.  They go down so easy and taste so good that you'll find yourself picking yourself up off the floor before you realize it.

1 1.2 ounces vodka
Fresh or frozen orange juice
   Put cracked ice in a 10-ounce glass, add vodka, fill glass with orange juice.  Stir and serve.

1 1/2 ounces vodka
Fresh, frozen, or canned grapefruit juice
   Put cracked ice in a 10-ounce glass; add vodka, fill glass with grapefruit juice.  Stir and serve.

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