Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu Dec 2 21:10:16 UTC 1999

Yep, Peter and Andrea have it right, as ever. When we first-yearers
arrived from afar in Palo Alto in 1960 we were told _never_ to refer to
The City as Frisco, a word that belongs on boxcars.

I'll add to Peter's remarks, however, that I can recall, from the late
40s, someone in the Flelfia (Philadelphia) area--probably an Iggles
fan--saying something about going "down Jersey," meaning to Cape May, N.J.

Peter Richardson

> > their respective Fair Cities, whereas "Frisco" is used by ignorant
> > outsiders and disdained by native San Franciscans (one of whom explained to
> > me once that "it's like something someone from Los Angeles would say").
> > The only comparable phenomenon I'm personally aware of involves a state
> > rather than a city: only New  Yorkers call New Jersey "Jersey.")

> >Peter McGraw
> Peter has spoken the truth, natives don't call it Frisco.  Sometimes you hear
> San Fran, on the Peninsula, though, you hear "The City" (which is the moniker
> for many major cities in their surrounding areas).
> Andrea

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