City Names

Rebecca Meyer meyerr at MAIL.SDSU.EDU
Sat Dec 4 00:37:11 UTC 1999

And if you drive through Montana, you will find "Hell-IN-uh" (Helena),
"HAV-ur" (Havre), and "SHOAT-oe" (Choteau).

Rebecca Meyer (originally from Hav-ur)
San Diego

At 06:21 PM 99/12/03 -0600, you wrote:

>Canada's policy of bilingualism is all very well, but it just doesn't
>reach far enough to handle U.S. place names with French antecedents.
>So maybe you think you're being a "dumb Canuck", but whoever the dumbest
>Cancuk may be, in all of Canada there's nobody dumb enough to beat an
>ordinary Midwesterner when it comes to fancy mispronunciations.
>-- mike salovesh      <salovesh at>      PEACE !!!

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