Language of the old southwest?

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Sat Dec 4 19:38:46 UTC 1999

I'm embarrassed that I can't think of a single book, or readily accessible
article, to refer this inquirer to. (By the "old south-west" I think E.O.
means what we'd now call the "old South.") Any easy suggestions? If so, you
could post the answer to the list, as well as sending it to E.O.

Dear Sir/ Mdm ( American Dialect Society )

I am a student of Bielefeld University in Germany and I have to do a
linguistic study about the American Dialects;a subject I find really
interesting. I have search in many places the information I need but I
cannot find it anywhere. So I wonder if You could help me in this task.

I am writing to You in order to recieve information about the dialect of
the old south-west, which appears in Mark Twain, Longstreet and Poe
works. I have tried to find this information in your homeweb but as I
said,I could not find it. That is why I would be grateful if You could
send me this information.

Thanking in advance for your kindly cooperation
I am looking forward to hearing from You
Yous faithfully

e.onuns_noguer at

Other e-mail adress in which you could send me this information:

atzucac13 at
lauravb at

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