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Not nearly so many for us speakers of standard (Louisville KY) AE;
doubtless nonstandard speakers form MI or other strange places can give
different answers. I've numbered them below.

dInIs (except for his I/e alternation before nasals, a real Peterson and
Barney kind of guy)

>The following sentence is repeated hundreds of times on the Web
>- it purports to give 9 pronunciations of ough:
Here's dInIs' correct pronuinciations: >"A rough (^=1) -coated, dough (o=2)
-faced, thought (oh=3) ful plough (aw=4) man strode through (u=5) the
streets of Scarborough (o=2, but I can accept schwa =6); after falling into
a slough (^=1 - to slough something off and u=5 - a swamp), he coughed
(oh=3) and hiccoughed (^=1)."

>How many do native American speakers find? I need hough = hock to
>make 9 in Australian English. Or lough = loch ...
>Roly Sussex
>The University of Queensland

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