Pennies and palatals of yesteryear

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> > Interestingly, we have a University colleague named Gagliano who doesn't
> > use a velar /g/, but since no one can manage the correct [galjano] he''s
> > generally called just [galiano].  I use the Giglioli collection of old
> > classics for Soclx (like almost all of you, I suspect), and when I had
> > three Italian grad students in three successive years I finally learned how
> > to pronounce the editor's name: [Zhiljo:li]--not that I always manage it
> > correctly!
>Must be dialect.  Standard Italian doesn't have the sound /zh/, rather, it's
>People who learn French before Italian have to have the /zh/ drilled out of

That could be--all three students were from a small town in Calabria, in
southern Italy.  (Or maybe I'm misremembering /zh/ for /dzh/; it's been 10
years or so since they were here.)

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