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Bob Haas highbob at MINDSPRING.COM
Fri Dec 10 17:01:29 UTC 1999

My sentiments exactly, James.

"James E. Clapp" wrote:

> Bob Haas wrote:
> >
> > Andrea, I remember it the same as you:  "Same Bat-time!  Same Bat-channel!"
> > I'm PRETTY certain.  Gosh, it's cheesy now, but when I was a kid, was it ever
> > great.  (Not a question.)
> Your non-question fits in with the second of two little dialogs that occurred
> to me in connection with the topic of statements in the form of questions and
> questions in the form of statements.
> Dialog 1:  Aren't you dashing in that outfit!  I am?
> Dialog 2:  You're actually glad she left you?  Am I!
> James E. Clapp


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