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Wed Dec 15 16:15:06 UTC 1999

There's probably a good (copyright) reason why this article isn't freely
available on the Web; but if you know how the inquirer could get a copy,
please inform him directly at  kaplan at

Thanks - Allan Metcalf



Excuse me for bothering you.

I'm mailing this from Turkey. Eventhough I'm not familiar with

Linguistics I will ask you for a favor if possible.

Well, the story is that my daughter asked me if I can find from the

internet a paper about "empathy and syntax".

I found out that there is such a paper of Kuno Susomo LI 8(4).

[Kuno, Susumu & E. Kaburaki. Empathy and Syntax. Linguistic Inquiry, 1977.
8(4): p. 627-672.]

Bad thing

is I don't have the chance to subscribe to LI in Turkey. Eventhough I

spent hours for it  I could not get an online version of that paper in

the www.

Lastly I noticed that document in your mail to a group.

I would be more than happy if you could mail me (if you have it



Halil Kaplan

kaplan at

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