Donald M. Lance LanceDM at MISSOURI.EDU
Thu Dec 16 05:09:14 UTC 1999

Curses and maledictions upon the qwerty guy who put s and d right next to each other on
the keyboard.  Every bledded time I want a padt tense I get a predent tense and vice
verda.  Well, not every blessed time.     DMLance

James Smith wrote:

> Okay, I'm not afraid to ask: what does "bledded" mean?
> .... just another word for "nice"? ....or am I missing
> a pun, malapropism or somesuch?
> --- Melissa Beth Collins <collim01 at STUDENT.UCR.EDU>
> wrote:
> > Please cancel my subscription to ADS.  Thank You so
> > much.  Have a bledded
> > day.  :)(

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