Vietnamese ice(d) coffee

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ICED COFFEE--For a unique experience, we suggest the "Vietnamese Iced Coffee" at _Pho Bang's_ (6 Chatham Square, Chinatown).  Made with double espresso, sweet concentrated milk, crushed ice and a few secret ingredients, this intense drink will send you to the coffee addict's nirvana.
--NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL 2000 (1999), pg. 95.

    "Vietnamese iced coffee" deserves a special entry in my Vietnamese cuisine series.  The coffee shows up on the Dow Jones database 68 times as "iced" and 5 times as "ice."  The first hit is the San Diego Union-Tribune, 12 August 1984, pg. D4.

2 December 1988, SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, pg. D-1:  Any time of year, Vietnamese ice coffee is a good way to wrap up the adventure.  Brewed at the table in individual pots, it is dark-roasted coffee that gets mixed with sweetened condensed milk.  It's dessert and afternoon waker-upper all rolled into one.

21 August 1991, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, pg. 1F.  The recipe for "Vietnamese iced coffee" includes medium-fine French roast coffee, water, and condensed milk.  The recipe is from THE COMPLETE COFFEE BOOK by Sara Perry.

17 September 1999, ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, pg. E9:  May Hong's $2 Vietnamese ice coffee puts any newfangled latte to shame, with its delicious combination of espresso and sweetened condensed milk.  The taste is toasty and sweet and the presentation is beautiful.  It's served in a French coffee drip; the black coffee drips on a snowy layer of milk.  You stir and pour it over ice.

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