David Barnhart, and t-shirts

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Just wanted to remind people about the very first Dialect T-shirt ever
produced, the one with the excellent map (a true conversation starter in any
queue anywhere) and undoubtedly EVEN RARER and more valuable than the second
one.  Any day now somebody will actually offer me money for it.  I'm


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> Who would have thought, after his careful upbringing and his distinguished
> career, that David Barnhart would be found to be an antitoponymist. The
> shame on the family!
> On a jollier note, David and I are happy to announce the production of the
> second "Pioneers of thge American Dialect Society t-shirt." It
> features our
> distinguished pioneer Louise Pound (first editor of American Speech).
> Chicago conference attendees will have a chance to purchase this
> article of
> dialect clothing (along with a few, very few, remaining examples of the
> First Pioneer t-shirt - featuring Charles Hall Grandgent, the "founder" of
> the Society). Both of these t-shirts will, doubtless, increase in value*
> over the years (and they are among the few for sale anywhere which come
> with a handout).
> dInIs (co-chair of the t-shirt committee)
> *Increased value of such dialect wear is based on previous price
> increases;
> the Society cannot, of course, guarantee that these shirts will actually
> increase in value over the years since the antique t-shirt market is a
> volitile one.
> >My preference is not to jump on a geographical name.  My preference if
> >Columbine is to be memorialized by ADS is to use a term such as Trench
> >Coat Mafia.  It was genericized lately in the Oklahoma context of
> >school shootings.
> >
> >Regards,
> >David Barnhart
> >Barnhart at highlands.com
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