Cocktails & Mocktails; E-Fu; Blue Danube

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Mon Dec 20 15:03:23 UTC 1999


   Greetings again from Hong Kong!
   This is from HAPPY BAR & CAFE, near the Hong Kong History Museum:

Adam & Eve, Air Jordan (Malibu, apple juice), Bulldog, Barking Dog, Bloody Mary, Blue Hawaii, B-52, Bill Clinton, Chi Chi, Daiquiri, Fuzzy Naval, Juice of Love (OJ, Cointreau, pineapple), Kokomo, Lamburghini (Kuhlua, Get 27), Look for Star (tequilla, gin, Cointreau, rum), Long Island, Manhattan, Margarita, Midori Sour, Nothing (pineapple, Malibu), Pina Colada, Salty Dog, Screw Driver, Sex on the Beach, Snow Ball, Sweet Heart (peach, cranberry), The Beach.
  NON-ALCOHOL: Baby Face, Chocolate Colada, Fruit Punch, Runner, Pussy Foot, Lemon or Orange Squash, Virgin Colada.

   I asked the woman what "Bill Clinton" is, and she didn't know.  But seriously, folks...
   A "Bill Clinton" is orange juice and gin (and maybe more).
   The Metropole Hotel serves "Super Around the World," which is tequila, Cointreau, gin, Walker, Bacardi, peppermint, and pineapple.
   The Royal Plaza Hotel (my hotel, where I'm typing this) calls it "Around the World."  They also have "Mocktails" (non-alcoholic cocktails; OED? Barnhart?):

Banana colada, Mangorita (with mango), Fruit Punch, Pussy Foot, Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri, Virgin Colada, Shirley Temple.


   Several places serve "Braised E-Fu Noodle w/ Conpoy."  This drove me crazy!  E-noodles!  My god, it never stops!!!!
   Then I thought, maybe they're EGG noodles...


   The Hong Kong Museum of History has an exhibit "Johann Strauss: Thunder & Lightning."  (Why here?  Don't ask!)  The brochure states:

  V. "The Blue Danube"--The First "Pop Hit" in the World
  Strauss wrote over 550 compositions: polkas, operettas, marches, individual dances and of course--almost synonymous with Strauss and Vienna--waltzes.  In 1867 he composed perhaps the most famous piece ever written, "The Blue Danube."  The phrase "pop hit" to refer to a popular success was first applied to this piece.

  I did some research on the "Boston Pops" ("Pop orchestra"), but I don't have it handy.
  I'll have to fly to Austria right away and check this out.

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