Early Morning Greetings

Salikoko S. Mufwene s-mufwene at UCHICAGO.EDU
Tue Dec 21 11:12:53 UTC 1999

Dear Sali T:

    It is so nice to wake up to your mail. I did not try to access the URL
of the full moon, which I will do at my office. It takes such a long time
to access it here at home by modem. I will save myself some time and do
this at my office.

    As you can guess, I slept through the night, what you have always
wanted I try to do. I suppose that feeling less split between teaching,
research, and administration helps me sleep more continuously and better.
Or else I have accumulated so much fatigue that my mind is taking advantage
of the break to recoup.

    You should talk to John about your appointment to WE's EB and let him
handle the situation. If it gets to where he needs a written confirmation,
then I will contact Larry and ask him to send you one by e-mail. Right now,
I do not want to give Larry and Braj the impression that I am manipulating
them, since the original nomination worked so well on its own.

    I just received a note from Michael Clyne. He is resuming work on his
book. It now looks for sure that my book will be the very first in the
series. I hoped last year that this would not be the case but I won't mind
it... I have worked so hard that all I care for now is to see it finished
and published. Clyne had health problems and his transcriptions were lost
while he was in Europe last year. So he has had to start part of the work
for his book all over. Now I have had to advise him with my reactions to
what he is doing.

    Speaking of my role as book editor, I have not heard a word from Guy
and Tricia. Nothing saying how happy they are that their book proposal has
been accepted, nor telling me what kind of schedule they have. I will just
talk to her at the LSA. I may also wait until she talks to Winnard and the
latter will refer her back to me to discuss details of the production of
the book. I do not want to give them the impression of wanting to control
how they write their book. Besides, I am too busy already. I will just be
happy to see them start and proceed well, with me having little work to do
in the process.

    There are a few things that I must do this morning before Tazie and Pat
(who was feeling sick last night) wake up. I must proof the text of one of
the illustrations of my book (an inset text that goes with a trilogy of
diagrams) and complete details of a regional and linguistic map of Africa
to also be included  in the book--the regions are identified by historical
names. I want to help the reader find in this book information that they
won't find easily elsewhere and thus make the book more useful. Some of the
maps of my presentations over the past couple of years will also be
included in this book. Not many books on creoles have useful maps!

     I hope your morning has been productive. How is your cough? How did
the kids like the snow this morning? Have you called them? or have they
called you?

     I send you ABUNDANT utter BOLINGO with LOTS of loving care and
affection. I will call you before I leave for work.


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